Create Return Authorization

The Create Return Authorization option allows you to create a Return Authorization for the selected invoice.  Your ability to create an RA from the AR Invoice Lookup is controlled by a system parameter F248:ARINVRA.  If this parameter is set to Y, you may create an RA in the program.  If the parameter is set to N or is blank or missing, you may not create an RA in the program.

The Create RA option can only be used for type OI, DI and IN invoice types and an error message will be displayed when the option is selected for another invoice type.

When the Create RA option is selected, the system verifies that the operator has rights to create an RA and that the selected invoice type is valid.  The system then checks to see if any credits have already been issued against the selected invoice.  If credits have been issued against the invoice already, the system displays the amount of the credits and it asks if you want to continue.  If you do continue, the system prompts you to confirm that you want to create an RA, and it creates the Return Authorization.

Once the RA has been created, the system displays the new RA number and it prompts you to edit the RA so that you can make any required changes to the RA (deleting lines, changing quantities, etc).

If you choose to edit the RA, the system will activate the Returns Entry/Edit program and it will load the RA into the program.


Credit Requests for this Invoice