Create the IFT Customer record

The StreamV and StreamII systems also use a specialized Customer record for processing interfacility transfers.   This customer record is also assigned an account number of “-COVELOC” and it should be given a name that indicates how the record is used by the system (i.e. “Interfacility Transfer).  The name to be used for the IFT customer record must be the same as the name used for the IFT vendor record that was created in the previous step. 

Once the IFT customer record is set up, IFT Shipto records are created for the IFT customer.  One IFT Shipto record should be created for each warehouse location that you transfer inventory to using the IFT system.  Each of the IFT Shipto records should store the name and physical address of your warehouse location in the name and address fields of the Shipto record, and the location code for the same warehouse location in the default location field of the Shipto record.

This section describes the procedure to be used to create the customer record that is used by the system for IFT processing.

1.  Select the Customer Manager (StreamV) or Customer Master (StreamII) program from the menu.

2.  Create the Customer record which will be used to process all inter-facility transfers.  The name of the customer record should be set to a value that indicates what the record is used for, such as “Interfacility Transfer” or your company name (i.e. Global Distributing – Transfers).  The name that you use for the IFT customer should be identical to the name used for the IFT vendor that you created in the prior step.  The account number field in the IFT customer record must be set to the value “-COVELOC”.  The other fields in the customer record such as the terms, shipping method, tax information, should be set to the appropriate values for processing IFT Transactions.