Create the IFT Shipto records 

The IFT system uses a set of Shipto records to define the valid shipping destinations which can be selected when an IFT purchase order is entered.  The IFT Shipto records store the name and physical address of each of your warehouse locations in the name and address fields in the record, and the warehouse location code for the warehouse in the default location field of the record. 

The IFT Shipto records are used for both the purchase orders and the sales orders that are created by the IFT system.  The IFT Shipto record that is selected on each IFT purchase order determines the ship to address for the IFT purchase order and this same ship to address is also used for the sales order that is created as the IFT PO is saved.  The IFT Shipto records – which are assigned to the “-COVELOC” customer record are also used as the warehouse ship to records when a non-ift purchase order is processed and the purchase order will be received into one of your warehouse locations.

Using the Customer Manager Program

1.  Select the Customer Manager program from the VDF Menu system.

2.  Find and select the IFT Customer record.

3.  Select the ShipTos Tab Page in the program.  This Tab Page displays the Shipto records that have already been created for the customer. 

4.  Verify that any existing records point to a valid warehouse shipping address and that all records have the correct location code (the warehouse code that goes with the physical warehouse address) in the Default Loc field of the record.

5.  If you need to create a new Shipto record for the IFT customer, you may do so by pressing the Insert key.  When you press the Insert key in the Shipto Tab Page, the system displays the Shipto Address Detail Panel and it loads the panel with the name and address information from the customer record.  The account field in the record should be automatically loaded with the “-COVELOC” account that was entered for the IFT customer.  Once the Shipto Address Detail Panel is displayed, you may change the Shipto Company name and address fields as required to easily identify the warehouse location.  You should also enter the appropriate warehouse code in the Default Loc field of the record.   Once you have specified the warehouse information, you may save the new record by pressing the Save button or key.