Creating a New Customer/Manufacturer Price

Once a valid customer has been loaded into the Customer Manager and the Customer/Manufacturer Pricing option is selected, the system activates the Customer Manufacturer Pricing Lookup and it loads the lookup with the Manufacturer Prices that have been setup for the selected customer. 

Once the Manufacturer Pricing Lookup is displayed, you may create a new manufacturer pricing record for the selected customer using the Insert option.

When the Insert option is selected, the system activates the Customer Manufacturer Detail Panel and it loads the panel with the name of the selected customer.  The Customer name loaded into the panel is based on the customer that is selected in the lookup and it cannot be modified in the detail panel (you should select the correct customer prior to creating a new record).

Once the detail panel is displayed, you may use the prompt button that is located next to the Manufacturer window to display the Manufacturer Table.  The Manufacturer Table displays a list of the valid manufacturers that have been set up in your system and it allows you to search for and select the manufacturer to which the new price record should be assigned.  The Manufacturer field is required and all Customer/Manufacturer Price records in the PRODAUTH file must be loaded with a valid manufacturer name.

After you have selected the correct manufacturer for the new price record, you may also specify the optional Product Line and Product Group that the price record applies to. The prompt buttons next to the Product Line and Product Group windows can be used to display the Product Line and Group tables.  These tables list the valid product lines and groups that have been set up in the system and can be used to load the fields in the new price record. 

After the customer, manufacturer and optional product line and group fields have been loaded, you should specify the factor (multiplier) that will be used for the new manufacturer price.  The value in the factor field is used along with the Basis field (Apply Factor to Price Level field) when calculating the manufacturer price.  The factor can be set to an amount below 1 (such as .80) to handle situations where you wish to discount the price level price, or it can be set to an amount above 1 (such a 1.10) if you wish to add a surcharge to the price level price pointed to by the record.

Once the factor for the record has been specified, you should specify the inventory price level or cost that will be used for the record in the Apply Factor to Price Level window.  The prompt button next to the window can be used to display and select from the valid inventory price levels and costs that are supported by the Manufacturer Pricing option.


Editing a Customer/Manufacturer Price record