Creating a Serial History Record

Operators with the appropriate security rights may insert a new record into the Serial History file by pressing the INSERT key from the Serial History window. Note: The Serial History file is normally updated by the system.  Serial History records are created automatically each time a serialized inventory item is received, invoiced, or transferred. Serial History records are also created automatically whenever the operator manually changes the information associated with a serialized item (owner, vendor, location, item number, serial number etc.).  The operator should not normally need to create Serial History records but in the unlikely event that one must be manually created, the operator may do so as follows.

Select the Serial Master Screen from the menu.

Locate and highlight the serial master record to which the new transaction record will be attached and press the ENTER key.  Once the operator presses the ENTER Key, the Serial History window is displayed and the transactions associated with the selected serialized inventory item are listed inside the window.

Press the INSERT key.  When the INSERT key is pressed, the Serial History Detail window is displayed and the Item#, Status, Type, and Serial# fields are loaded automatically based on the Serialized Inventory record to which the history record is being attached.  The Transaction Date field defaults based on the system date.  Once the window is displayed, the operator may edit the Status, Type, Ref#, Note, and date fields as required and save the new record by entering through the last field in the window.


Deleting a Serial History Record