Cross Reference Lookup

The Cross Reference Lookup program is primarily used to locate and select an item during Sales Order Entry.  The Cross Reference Lookup allows you to search for and locate a Catalog record using a customer or another type of cross reference item number.  Cross Reference records allow you to define the item number that is used by a specific customer, buying group (group of customers), manufacturer, or vendor for each of your internal item numbers.   Cross Reference records also allow you to define an alternate item number for each of your Catalog Items.

Cross Reference records allow you to search for and select an item using the cross reference item number and they are also used to output the customer or other cross reference item number on the documents produced by the system.

The Cross Reference Lookup program can be accessed from the Order Entry Item Panel when a new order line is being entered and the CrossRef Button is selected.

Once the CrossRef Button is selected, the system activates the Cross Reference Lookup and it loads the Lookup with all of the Cross Reference records that have been input into the Cross Reference File.  Once the Lookup is displayed, you should verify or change the sort sequence being used by the program, and locate the customer item number to be added to the order.

Note:  The Cross Reference Lookup displays only the catalog items that have Cross Reference records defined for them in the Cross Reference File.  If the item you are trying to find is not displayed in the Lookup, it is likely that a cross reference record has not been created for the item and you should use the Catalog Lookup to locate the appropriate item.


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