Insert Create Customer Cross Reference Record

The Insert option allows you to create a new Customer Cross Reference record for the Customer that is selected in the Customer Cross Reference Lookup.

When the Insert option is selected in the Customer Cross Reference Lookup program, the system activates the Cross Reference Detail Panel and it loads the panel with the selected Customer, the Cross Reference record type (C to indicate it is customer cross reference record) and a default status of A for active.

Once the Cross Reference Detail Panel is displayed, you may select the Catalog item number for the new cross reference record by using the prompt key that is located next to the Item No field in the panel. This action will cause the system to activate the Catalog Lookup program. The Catalog Lookup program displays all of the records that have been entered into the Catalog file and it allows you to select a Catalog record using any of the several different display and search sequences that are available in the program.

Once you have selected a valid Catalog record, the system will load the Catalog Item and Description into the Cross Reference Detail panel. At this point, you may enter the alternate item number and alternate description (the item and description used by the customer) for the Catalog item and save the new record using the Save Key or the Save Button.

You may access more information about the Cross Reference Detail panel by accessing the panel and using the Help key to display the primary help documentation for the program.


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