Customer Flag

Each Customer record contains a Vendor Ship field and this field can be used to default the fulfillment method to vendor shipment as new sales orders are created for the customer or prevent vendor shipments from being processed for a specific customer.

The Customer Vendor Ship flag is also a three way flag, and it is used as follows.

      The Customer Vendor Shipment flag is used to set the default value for the Vendor Ship flag in the sales order header for any sales orders entered for the customer.  If the customer flag is set to Y, the system will default the order header vendor ship flag to Y, if the customer flag is set to blank or N, the system will default the sales order header flag to N.

      The Vendor shipment flag from the Customer record is compared to the vendor shipment flag in the inventory item and the order line as each order line is saved.  If the customer flag and the inventory flags conflict (i.e. customer =Y, Item=N), the system will display an error and not allow the order line to be saved.  In this case, the value in the customer file will override the value in the item and the order.