Order Processing Flags

The StreamV Purchasing and Order Processing systems support several different order processing methods.  The order processing methods are used by both the Sales Order Processing and the Purchasing systems to fill each customer sales order and to purchase the inventory required for the sales order (or replenish the warehouse quantities used to fill the sales order).

To support the different order processing and Purchasing methods, StreamV uses flags or fields to identify how each sales order or puchase order line should be handled by the system.  Flags are provided at several different levels in the system, so that you can default the behavior for specific customers or items as required, or set the flag manually for a specific order line. 

The flags used for Order Processing (sales and purchase orders)  Include

      Vendor Shipment Flag Indicates that the item should be shipped directly to the customer by your vendor. 

      Special Order Flag Indicates that the item should be ordered from your vendor only when you have a specific open sales order line for the item from your customer.

These flags and how they affect the behavior of the system are described in the following sections.


Vendor Shipment Flag

Special Order Flag