Daily Demand Information 

To quickly see what the system thinks you should be reordering for a product you can use the “refresh daily demand” and “order recommendation” buttons on the inventory detail panel.

Daily_Demand – This field in the inventory record is the daily demand for the item during the “demand period”.  The demand period is defined in the “daily demand calculation formula” used for this item.  This formula is either the system “default” formula stored in the TextData record F240:SCR:DDEMAND:DEFAULT, or an item/site specific formula which is pointed to by a code stored in an extended detail item attached to each item, product group or product line.  The extended detail code is “DailyDemandFormula” which contains a code that points to the TextData record F240:SCR:DDEMAND:{code from extended detail}.

This allows each item, group or product line to have special daily demand calculations.

Default Daily Demand Calculation Formula uses the following information:

Item Location

Item Number

F248:DayDWin1 – How many days back to start of period. Can be a manifest constant (ie. Prior3Mn)

F248:DayDWin2 – How many days back to end of period. Can be a manifest constant. (ie. Prior1Mn)

Site Specific formulas are a SQL statement and can include use of the SeasonalCode and other values when calculation daily demand.

The daily demand field is updated by a process which is either run on demand by clicking the refresh button in the warehouse detail panel or from the System Reconciliation View, or at night by the job processor.

Based on the specific needs of a site the daily demand formula are adjusted to consider seasonality, age of past sales and weight based on date back.

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