Weekly Demand, Usage and Sales Information

StreamV automatically records sales, vendor shipment, demand, and other statistical information about each inventory item in the Monthly and Weekly files.  The Monthly and Weekly files contain records for each inventory item for each calendar month or week in which the item was sold, vendor shipped, returned by a customer, or produced or consumed by the shop floor system.   Tne Monthly and Weekly records provide an easy way to access item item totals (units, sales revenue, and cost) by month or by week.

The records in the Monthly and Weekly file are used to display sales, usage and demand information for the item in the StreamV Inventory Lookup programs, and to show historical usage information on the PO Recommendations report.  This historical information can be used by purchasing along with the current reorder and qty information for each item when placing purchase orders for the item.

The Monthly and the Weekly files are updated automatically during invoicing when an item is sold from a warehouse location, vendor shipped to a customer, or credited back into inventory.  Monthly and Weekly records are also created or updated when an item is consumed or produced by the shop floor system.  Sales transactions for Kit or Kitted items (components that are sold together as kits and that are “built on the fly” during the picking and invoicing process) are treated as sales – not as item consumption, since no actual assembly processing is taking place. Note: Kit transactions are an open item since there are no invoice lines for the kit components.

Records are created in the Monthly and Weekly file when an item is processed for the first time during a given month or week, and the records are updated if other qualifying transactions are processed for the same warehouse and item combination during the same month or week.  The records in the Monthly and Weekly files can also be rebuilt when required, using a reconciliation program that reads thru the inventory transaction, and invoice detail in the system.

The Statistics that are maintained in the Monthly and Weekly file include the following.


Warehouse Shipment Statistics

Vendor Shipment Statistics

Total Sales Statistics


Demand Information

Production and Consumption Statistics