Data Dictionary File Help

The Data Dictionary File Help program displays the Database definition (description) for the selected database file.

Top Section

The Top Section of the Data Dictionary File Help program displays the File#, Name and user display Name for the selected data file, and the date and intitials of the operator who last modified the definition for the file.  This information may not be changed in the program.

Main Section

The Main Section of the Data Dicitionary File Help program displays the actual text description or definition for the selected data file. 

The definition that is displayed in this section of the program can come from two places.  If you have defined House Help information for the file and have input this information into the system (in English and or in other languages that are being used inhouse), the system will display the house help definition for the file (in the language defined for the current operator if House Help is present for that language or in the default language of English if the foreign language text is not present).

If no House Help information is present for the selected file, the system loads the Cove Help or standard definition for the file (which is in English) into the program.


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