Online Knowledge Base Button

The Online Knowledgebase Button allows you to access the Cove Systems Website in order to perform a search.

When you press the Online Knowledgebase button, the system activates your web browser and it loads the page from the Cove website.

The Cove search page contains 3 different options.

      The first option (Search the entire website) allows you to search the entire Cove website.

      The second option (Search the Knowledgebase)  allows you to search only the documentation directores that are maintained on the website (these directories are refreshed on a regular basis from with the primary documentation for the StreamV application (the same documents that are used to create the online application help system).

      The third option (Search the current database file definitions) allows you to search through the file definitions for the database.  The database file definitions define the database files that are included in the application and the field names, field types and field sizes that are included in each database file.  The file definitions are used by for development (creating and compiling programs) and they do not describe the fields or how they are used by the system in detail.


Data Dictionary File Help