Deleting a Serial Master Record

The operators ability to delete serialized inventory records from the system is based on the operators security level and the setting of various control parameters in the System Control file (please see the Serialized Inventory Configuration Guide for more information about the System Control file).  Deletion of Serial Master records is not recommended, especially records which have had transactions (history) attached to them.  Please note that if a Serial Master record is deleted, the Serial History records associated with the master record will be deleted as well (this is done to preserve referential integrity).  Please also note that this procedure removes the selected data from the system and it should not be performed unless the operator fully understands the implications.  Assuming that the operator has been granted sufficient rights to delete serial records, the operator may do so as follows.

Select the Serial Master program from the menu.

Locate and highlight the serialized inventory record to be deleted

View the Serial History (transactions) associated with the record by pressing the ENTER key.  Once the records have been viewed, pressing the ESC key will return the operator to the Serial Master Screen.

View the detailed information associated with the serialized inventory record by pressing the F3 key from the Serial Master screen.  Once the information has been viewed, pressing the ESC key will return the operator to the Serial Master Screen.

Determine if the record should actually be deleted based on the information viewed in the prior two steps and if so press the DELETE key.  Once the DELETE key is pressed, the system displays the following message "Are you sure you want to DELETE this record?? - Press a key".  At this point, the operator should make sure that the record needs to be deleted, and then confirm the deletion by pressing the capital "Y"  key (or SHIFT + Y as required).  Once the operator has confirmed the deletion, the system removes the Serial Master and Serial History records for the item from the appropriate files and returns the operator to the Serial Master Screen.


Editing a Serial History Record