Depreciate Stock

The Depreciate Stock Program is used to convert the selected item number to a depreciated version (such as a cosmetically damaged, used, open box, or re-boxed version) of the item.  The Depreciate Stock option can only be used when there is an available quantity for the selected item in the selected location, and it will only allow you to depreciate up to the available quantity.  The available quantity is the on hand quantity for the item less the allocated quantity for the item.

Item being Depreciated Section

When the Depreciate Stock Panel is activated, the system will automatically load the location, item number, manufacturer item number and description for the selected item number into the “Item being Depreciated” section of the panel.

Depreciated Stock Section

Once the item to be depreciated is displayed, you should select the Depreciated Stock Type that you wish to use for the transaction.  The Depreciated Stock Types are defined and validated using a Gencode Table RADISPSS.  The Table can be accessed using the prompt button that is located to the right of the Type field.

The entries in the Gencode table define

      The depreciated item number to be used for the transaction

      The factor to be used when setting the cost for the depreciated version of the item.  If the depreciated item is being created, or if there is no quantity on hand for the item, the system will use the source item and the factor to determine the new cost for the depreciated item.

      The autopost to be used by the system when it posts the reduction in inventory to the General Ledger.  The Depreciate Stock option

If the item type or depreciated item that you select does not already exist, the system will create the item in the location you are processing.  If the depreciated item exists but does not have any on hand inventory (in any locations in the division), the system will update the cost of the depreciated item when the transaction is done.  If the item has an on hand quantity in any location in the current division, the system uses the cost from the existing item when processing the transaction.

Once you have selected the Depreciated Stock Type to be used, the panel will display the item number to be used for the return.  This is item number from the item being depreciated, followed by a – and a code such as RB, OB, COS to indicate the item type (ie rebox, open box, cosmetic).  The program will not allow you to use a return type or return item that is greater than 16 characters, which is the maximum item number length supported in the system.

Once the return item is selected, you should specify the quantity and bin for the item to be depreciated, and specify the bin location for the depreciated item.  The bins for the source and destination items can be displayed using the prompt buttons next to the Bin From and Bin To windows.  You may also specify a new bin for the depreciated item by specifying the new bin code in the Bin To window.

If the Item being depreciated is serialized (serial Y), the serial numbers for the item must be entered before the Depreciate Stock transaction can be processed.  The In Stock Button can be used to select from the In Stock Serialized Inventory records for the source item.  As each serial number is selected, it is displayed in the Serial Numbers grid on the right side of the panel.

You may delete a serial number from the serial grid by highlighting the record and pressing the DELETE key.  This action removes the serial number from the list.

The Serial Master Button can be used to access the Serial  Master Lookup program, which lets you look up (and modify as required) the serialized inventory records in the system.

Once the new item, the quantity, the source and destination bins, and any serial numbers have been entered into the Depreciate Stock panel, you may save the Depreciate Stock transaction by pressing the Do It button.  When the Do It button is pressed, the system validates the transaction, and it either displays an error or it processes the transaction and displays a done message.

As each Depreciate Stock transaction is processed, the system

      Updates the quantity of the source and destination items and bins

      Writes type CI Inventory Activity records to record the change to the item costs and quantities.

      Creates a source IN Journal Entry to record the change to the inventory value resulting from the depreciate item transaction.

      Updates the serial detail associated with the transaction.  The serial records for the original item are set to X or deleted status, and a new serial record is created for the depreciated item.  Serial History records are also created to show the item conversion activity for each serial number.

For more detail on the Depreciate Stock option, please see

Depreciate Stock - Processing Overview

Depreciate Stock - Technical Notes:

Your ability to use the Depreciate Stock option is controlled by a system parameter F248:INVDEPST. 

The RADISPSS Gencode Table must be set up properly prior to processing any Depreciate Stock transactions.  This table is described in more detail in the following section of this document.

Depreciate Stock - Control Information


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