Editing a Sales Order

Sales Orders that are open (have at least some open line items), and that are not printed (a picklist is not being processed for the order), can be modified after order entry.    You may add line items to existing orders, change the quantity in existing order lines, and even delete, cancel or void open order line items.

The StreamV Order Processing system restricts what information in each order and order line may be changed, based on The the status of each order line and the fulfillment method being used. 

To edit an existing order, you first find the order in one of the order lookup programs, such as the Sales Order Management program or the Customer Order Lookup program.  These programs allow you to locate an order based on several different search criteria, including the order number, the customer, the ShipTo company, or the po or reference number associated with the order.

Once you have located the order to be modified, the Edit Order option can be used to load the order into the Sales Order Entry program for editing.

The following situations will cause the system to block you from modifying an order.

      The Order is closed.

      The Order is being edited by someone else.  Only one operator may edit a specific order at the same time.

      The Order has a printed picklist.  The system blocks you from making changes to orders that are in the process of being shipped.  If an open picklist exists for the order, the picklist must be reset by the warehouse before you will be allowed to edit it.

      Order Line is closed. 

      Order Line is partially shipped.  You may not delete an order line if a shipment has been partially processed for it.  You may split off the uncompleted portion of the line using the split line option, then cancel the open quantity (this ensures you do not have invoice history for deleted, voided, kancelled sales order lines).

      Purchase Orders exist for the Order Line.  If an order line is a vendor shipment, or a special order line and purchase orders have been placed for it, the line cannot be deleted and the quantity may not be reduced.  The purchase order must be modified or cancelled first since it has already been sent to the vendor.  The system will allow you to increase a vendor ship or special line, and it will allow you to edit lines when only po requisitions (not purchase orders) exist for the line.

      Vendor shipments.  You may not change the ShipTo address for a vendor shipment sales order after it has been created.  The system automatically creates PO requisitions for vendor shipment lines and these po requisitions are created with the ShipTo information from the sales order.

      Shipment has been processed.  The system will not allow you to change the ShipTo address for an order after it has been invoiced once.  If a shipment has been sent to a specific address, the remaining items on the same order must be sent to the same address (if necessary, the remaining lines can also be deleted and entered on a new order).


Processing a Sales Order