Edit Picker Item

The Edit Picker Item program is called by the Process Pull Ticket Program.  The Edit Picker Item program displays the “Pick” records that were used to commit the component quantities from the bins that were printed on the Pull Ticket.  The Edit Picker Item program also allows you to modify the pick quantities displayed in the program to match the amount that was actually pulled for each item and bin.

The pick records displayed in the Edit Picker Item program are used to update inventory and work in process for each component when the Save key is pressed in the Process Pull Ticket program. 

The Edit Picker Item displays all of the Pick records for each component on the sales order.    One or more Pick lines may be displayed in the program for each component line, as an individual pick record is created for each shop order/item/bin combination shown on the Pull Ticket. 

If a component item is being pulled from only one bin, only one pick record should be displayed for the component in the program.   If a component item is being pulled from two different bins, two pick records should be displayed in the program.

Once the pick records for the selected component are displayed in the program you can modify the quantity of a pick record by highlighting the record and pressing the Enter key.  At this point the system will prompt you for the actual quantity that was pulled from the item and bin pointed to by the pick record.  Once you enter the correct quantity and press the Enter key, the new quantity is displayed in the program.


SKU Conversion/UOM Reduction (FV079S03)