SKU Conversion/UOM Reduction (FV079S03)

The SKU Conversion/Unit of Measure Reduction program is used to define the relationships between inventory items that represent different units of measure for the same physical part, and it also used to process SKU conversion transactions.

The SKU/UOM Conversion program is used to convert between parts numbers for different units of measure for the same item.  For example: the SKU Conversion program allows you to convert a quantity of the item number for a case of a specific part to quantity of the item number for the each quantity of the same part.  This transaction would have the effect of removing 1 of the case parts from inventory and putting 24 of the each parts into inventory. 

The SKU/UOM conversion program can be used to handle situations where you buy items in different units of measure than you use when selling the items and the program can also be used to restock small unit of measure item numbers from larger unit of measure item numbers for the same physical parts.

When the SKU Conversion program is selected from the menu, the system activates the program and loads it with any SKU Conversion records that have been set up in the system.

The following sections describe the available display sequences and accelerator key options that are available in the SKU Conversion program.


Display Sequences

Accelerator Keys