Edit Shipping Button

The Edit Shipping, update invoice option allows you to update the shipping charges and costs recorded in the selected invoice.  The option is only available when the selected invoice is 

      Type OI, DI, or IN.

      Open (the paydate field in the invoice may not be loaded).

      Not adjusted or partially paid  (the invoice balance must match the original invoice total.)

      If you are posting sales to the general ledger in batch mode, the edit shipping option may only be used when the invoice is not posted (the invoice post_run field is not loaded). 

      If you are posting sales to the general ledger on-line, the edit shipping option will update the GL for any changes you make to the invoice using the program.

When you select the Edit Shipping, update invoice option, the system checks the selected invoice and either displays an error message (if the invoice is not valid) or loads the invoice into the Edit Shipping Panel.

Once you have made any changes to the invoice shipping charge or cost, and have applied the change in the Edit Shipping Panel, the system updates the invoice shipping, shipping cost, sales tax, and other invoice totals as required, and it posts any required adjustment to the general ledger. 


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