Edit Shipping Panel

The Edit Shipping Panel is activated from the Shipping Utilities program, and it is used to edit the shipping charges and or shipping cost for the selected invoice.

As the Edit Shipping panel is activated, it is loaded with an invoice number.  The Edit shipping panel displays the account, customer, shipto address, shipvia, and other basic information associated with the selected invoice.  The current shipping charge and shipping cost for the invoice are also displayed.

The Shipping Window in the Edit Shipping panel allows you to specify the shipping amount to be used for the invoice.  The amount that is entered into the window is used as the new shipping amount for the invoice and it is also used to calculate the new invoice sales tax, and total for the invoice.

When a shipping amount is entered into the Shipping window and the apply button is pressed, the system

      Saves the new shipping amount to the invoice.

      Recalculates and updates, the invoice sales tax based on the new shipping amount and the tax shipping flag in the taxcode record being used for the invoice.

      Recalculates and updates the invoice charges and current balance amounts.

      If you are posting invoices to the general ledger on-line, the system also reverses the original sales posting for the invoice, and it re-posts the invoice using the updated invoice amounts.  The original posting for the invoice is reversed, using a source ES (edit shipping) JE.  Then another source OP (online posting) JE is created to post the updated invoice amounts.  All of the entries are linked to the invoice and can be viewed in the AR Invoice Activity Lookup.

      If you are posting invoices to the general ledger in batch mode, the Edit shipping option does not make any adjustments to the general ledger (the logic is that the invoice is not posted yet). 

Once the system has updated the invoice, the Shipping Edit panel is closed, and the operator is returned to the Shipping Utilities program.


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