Reprint Shipping Labels Button

The Reprint Shipping Labels Button can be used to produce Non-UPS/FEDEX shipping labels for the invoice or shipper that is selected in the Shipping Utilities program.  When the Print Labels Button is pressed, the system verifies that a valid invoice number has been selected, and that the invoice type is OS, DS, DI,OI, or IN. (shipping labels can be produced for both invoices and shipper invoice documents).  If the invoice number does not exist, or if the invoice is not a type OS,DS, DI,OI, or IN invoice, an error message is displayed by the program.

If the selected invoice or shipper exists and the invoice type is valid, the system checks the customer specified in the invoice to see if a customer specific shipping label routine has been defined for the company.  If a company specific print routine has been defined for the customer in the Longcode file, the custom print routine is used to print the packing list.  If no customer specific routine has been defined for the customer, the system uses the standard shipping label print routine to print the labels.

The selected shipping labels will be sent to the printer that has been defined for the label, or it will be output to display, based on the 248 Policy LLP-SLBL.


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