Shipping Label

The Shipping Label program allows you to print or re-print the shipping labels for a specific invoice or shipper document.

The Shipping Label panel allows you to re-print the shipping labels for a non UPS or Fedex Invoice.  When you enter a valid invoice number into the Shipping Label Panel and press the PrinterDirect Button, the system will produce a label for each box included in the shipment, and it will send these labels to the default printer for the operator.

Invoice# Window:  Used to enter the invoice number of the invoice you wish to produce labels for.

If a valid invoice number is specified and you press the Preview Button, the system will display a Print Options panel which allows you to preview the labels or to output them to any available printer.  The selected shipping labels will be sent to the printer that has been defined for the label, or it will be output to display, based on the 248 Policy LLP-SLBL.



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