Email              Description: email16

The Send button allows you to send an email.  If the send button is called from a Lookup program and you have one or more documents selected, the system displays the Email Panel, and it loads the panel with a PDF file attachment that contains the selected document or documents.  PDF or Portable Document Format is a standard file format that is used in Adobe Acrobat.  The Adobe Acrobat reader is used to view these types of files and the reader is widely available as a free download.  If you do not have a document selected when you press the Email button, the system will display the Email Panel.

Once the email panel is displayed, you may edit the email text, and specify the recipients for the email.  You may select recipients from the Customer, Vendor or Manufacturer Contact files using the TO, CC, and BCC buttons that are displayed in the Email panel.  You may also select recipients that are stored in your Outlook Address book and that do not exist in your Contact files by using the Address Book button that is displayed on the right side of the Email panel.

Once you have finished selecting the email recipients and have added any required text, you may send the email by pressing the Send button.  This sends the email directly from the system.