Entering Manifest or Box Information

Select the Boxes Tab Page and edit the first box record for the shipment.  The Order Invoicing program can be used with automated and non-automated shipping or manifesting systems.  The current release of the program can only be used to process non-automated shipping methods.  As each order is loaded into the Order Invoicing program the system creates a manifest or a box record for the shipment and it defaults some basic information into the record including the order number that the record is associated with, the shipping method, and the box number.  If the shipment being sent out fits in one box, you may use the Zoom option in the Boxes Tab Page to display the Manifest Detail Panel which allows you to enter the weight, default box size and tracking number associated with the box.  If the shipment being sent out consists of multiple boxes, you may press the insert key to create additional manifest records for the shipment.


Verifying the Line Item Total