Identifying the Serial Numbers for any Serialized Items

When Serialized Inventory Items are being invoiced, the Order Invoicing program requires you to identify the serial numbers that are being shipped out against each order line.  The program will highlight in yellow, the To Ship field of any line items for serialized inventory items in the Order Lines Tab Page to remind you to enter the required serial number information.

To enter the serial numbers associated with the shipment, you should first select the appropriate line in the Order Lines Tab Page and then use the View/Enter Serial Numbers option (available on the Right Mouse Menu) to activate the Serial Number List program.  The Serial Number List program displays the serial numbers associated with a specific order line,

Once the Serial Number List is activated, you may use the Find Serial# Button in the program to display the Serial Number Selection list.  The Serial Number selection list displays and allows you to select from a list of the valid serial records for the item and warehouse being processed.  When the selection list is called from the Order Invoicing program it displays the status I or In Stock serial records for the item in the warehouse in which the invoice is being processed.  The Serial Number selection list will not display any serial records that are currently assigned to an order, RA or shop order.  You can select a valid serial number from the Serial Number Selection list by highlighting the appropriate record and then pressing the Select Button or by double clicking the record.  These actions will return the selected serial number to the Serial Number List program.

The Order Completion program will not allow you to save an invoice until you have  input the correct number of serial numbers for the serialized items being shipped out (based on the To Ship quantity in each line), and it will not allow you to enter duplicate serial numbers for the same line item. 


Entering Manifest or Box Information