Field Defaults Setup

The Field Defaults Setup program is used to setup and maintain the “new record defaults” that are used by the system.  StreamV and earlier versions of the system allow you to set default values that are automatically loaded into new customer, vendor, catalog, inventory and other records by the system during new record creation.  These default values can be accepted or changed as required during new record entry, based on each operators ability to edit each field in the new record being created.  The combination of the new record default and the field level security options allow you to enable operators to create new records when needed, while still leaving control of critical information (such as terms or credit limits) to only authorized personnel.

New record default information is stored by the system in records in the TEXTDATA file (file 240).  These textdata records can be created and maintained on a global, branch, group or user level as required, in order to speed up new record entry and to allow setting each field properly based on the type of record being created, and the operator, branch or group creating the record.

New record defaults are discussed in more detail in the Application Notes section of this document.


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