Main Section

The Main section is used to display the details for the new record default textdata record that is being created or edited.

The fields displayed in this section of the program include.

Field:  The field number of the field based on the database definition for the selected file.

Field Name:  The field name based on the database definition for the selected file. 

Default Value:  The value that should be defaulted into the field by the program.  The value specified must be a valid value for the field, based on the any fixed or optional field validation that has been set up for the field.  For example, if the field is a field that requires Y or N as valid options, you should load the field with a Y or an N.  If the field is validated using a table of some type (ie payment terms, shipping methods, or a gencode table that has been setup), then a value from the table should be used.  Certain fields which are used to uniquely id the record (such as the company name or account) are normally not defaulted, as each new record should have a unique value (in the case of the name) or it may be automatically assigned (such as the customer or vendor account).


Create New Record for Current User ID: