Fields List

The Fields List Program is used to display and to optionally select from a list of the database fields for a specific database file.  The Fields List program also allows you to

      Access the Field Help information (Cove or House Help information) for any of the fields that are shown in the list.

      Change the Database file for which fields are being displayed.  The Change File Button allows you to access the File Selection List which allows you to select the database file for which field information should be displayed.

      Sort the fields in field number or field name sequence and search for a specific field based on the display sequence being used.

When the Fields List program is activated, it will display a list of the fields that have been defined in the file that is selected when the program is called.  For each field, the list will display the field number and the field name used by the system for the field.

Please note that the field name that is displayed in the Fields List program is not the user friendly name for the field that is displayed in the Title Field of the Data Dictionary Field Help program which displays both the name and the Title or user-friendly name for the field.  The field name shown in the field list program is based on the database definition for the file that is used by the application for development purposes.   These field names are similar to the Title or user friendly names for the field but they are not the same,

Once the Fields List program is displayed, you should first accept or change the display and search sequence used by the program.


Display in Field Name Sequence Checkbox

Field Help Button

Change File Button