Find Serial# Button

When the Find Serial# Button is pressed in the Serial Number List, the system displays the Serial Number Selection List.  The Serial Number Selection List program is used to select the serial numbers for the serialized item number being processed, when the serial numbers for the item should already exist on the system.  When the Serial Number Selection list is activated, the system loads the list with the serial master records for the item number being processed and it displays the appropriate serial records based on the status of the records

Once the Serial Number Selection List is displayed, you may select the serial numbers to be processed by highlighting the appropriate records and pressing the Select Button. This will return the selected serial number to the Serial Number List.

If the transaction being processed is one where existing serialized inventory records are being updated (such as a shipment from one of your warehouse locations to a customer), the Find Serial# option will be available in the Serial Number List. The Find Serial# option can be used to display and select from the serialized records for the location and item being processed. When the Find Serial# Button is pressed, the system activates the Serial Number Selection List, and it loads the list with the valid serial numbers that are available for the transaction. The valid serial numbers for each transaction will depend on the type of transaction being processed (credit memo, invoice, purchase order receipt, return authorization), the location and item being processed, and the status of the serial records in the system. For example: When the Serial Selection List is called from the Order Invoicing program to trap the serial numbers for a warehouse shipment, the list is restricted to the status I (In stock) serial records for the item in the location where the invoice is being generated.


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