Fixed Shipping Amount

When a fixed shipping amount is entered into a sales order, and the Viaterms for the order indicate the customer will pay freight, the system will charge the fixed shipping amount when the first shipment is processed for the order.  If any subsequent shipments are processed for the order, the system will block the entry of additional shipping charges during order invoicing.

If a Type S sales order is being invoiced, and the via or shipping terms on the order indicate that the customer should pay shipping charges (the Viaterms charge shipping flag is set to Y), and a shipping amount has been entered into the sales order by the operator, the system will apply the fixed shipping amount from the order to the first shipment for the order.  The system will also record the amount of shipping charged against the order in the order header. 

If subsequent shipments are processed against the sales order, the order completion program will check if a shipping amount is present in the order, and it will also check if the order has been invoiced at least one time (using the last invoice number field in the order header).  If the order has been processed already by order completion, the system will default 0 into the shipping amount field for the invoice and it will block the operator from editing the shipping amount.


Actual Shipping Charges