Actual Shipping Charges

If a Type S sales order is being invoiced, the via terms on the order indicate that the customer should pay shipping charges (Viaterms charge shipping is Y), and no shipping amount has been entered into the sales order by the operator, the system will calculate or accept manual entry of the actual shipping charges to be billed to the customer.

The system will also apply a markup percentage to this manually or automatically entered shipping amount if one has been defined for the shipping method being used.

The method in which actual shipping charges are entered into the system depends on the shipping method being used for the order, and which automated shipping systems are integrated with the StreamV Application.

For example: You are delivering goods by LTL carrier and using UPS.  You are using integrated UPS Shipping Software (such as the Shiprush product) for UPS shipping and do not have any software to calculate the LTL shipment costs for each item.  In this case, the system will automatically calculate and load the actual UPS shipment costs (plus any additional charges calculated by the third party software) into the order completion program, when a UPS shipment is processed.  When an LTL shipment is processed, the system will allow the operator to manually enter the charges and other information (costs, tracking numbers, bills of lading), for each LTL shipment.


Markup Percentage

Minimum Shipping Charge