Freight Rating and Rate Shopping

The rate shopping feature that is included in the  StreamV Order Entry program allows the operator to compare the cost of shipping the current order multiple ways.  The “Rate Shopping: button is on the Shipping Tab of Order Entry.

When the Rate Shopping button is clicked the system uses the current weight and cubic volume in the catalog records to determine the total weight and volume for the shipment.  The system loops through the Freight (Shipvia) records and calculates the shipping charge for each method, displaying them in a grid with the lowest cost methods highlighted.  The operator can then select the desired freight method which will then be brought back to the sales order.

How the freight rates are  calculated is based on the information in the Freight records and any external rating systems available.  See the Freight Record data dictionary information for descriptions of the control fields.

Only those freight records with the Auto_Shop_Rate field set to “Y in the Shipvia record will be including in the rate shopping.

Shipment Attributes – When the freight rates are calculated the system checks the shipment attributes (also set in order entry) to determine what, if any, surcharges to apply to the shipment.

Setup – Load freight record with appropriate data.


Order Margin and Gross Profit Margin