Order Shipping Charges

The StreamV Order Processing system provides you with several options for handling the shipping charges associated with each of the sales orders that you process. 

The Shipping charge options discussed in this section can be used for various types of shipment methods, including LTL (Less Than Truckload) carriers, Parcel Service (Federal Express, UPS) carriers, and other shipping methods such as delivery

The options for charging shipping to your customer on a sales order include.

      No Charge.  You can select a Viaterms or Freight Terms code for the order that indicates that the customer does not pay freight (such as FOB Destination).  If the Viaterms used for the order indicate freight is not charged, the system will not apply any shipping charges to the invoices for the order.  The costs for the shipment can still be recorded (automatically or manually).

      You can prepay freight and charge the customer a one-time fixed shipping amount for the order.  You ship the items using UPS or another carrier and your own account number with the carrier, and you charge the customer a fixed amount for the order.

      You can prepay the freight and charge the customer a fixed shipping amount for each shipment made against the order.

      You can prepay freight and charge the customer based on the actual cost incurred for each shipment.  Markup percentages, box and other handling fees can also be applied.  This method allows you to enter the actual charges for the shipment during order invoicing.  The shipping cost can be automatically calculated by third party shipping software (such as Ship Rush) or it can be manually calculated and entered into the Order Completion program

      You can prepay freight and charge the customer based on the actual cost incurred for only the first shipment (one-time actual charges).  Markup percentages, box and other handling fees can also be applied.

      You can use Third Party Account information to bill the Customer or the ShipTo customer from the order using their account with the shipper company.  StreamV allows you to store Third Party Carrier Account information for each of your customers.  The third party account information can include the customer or ShipTo company account numbers for various shipper companies (carriers).  If third party account information is entered for a customer, the carrier account information can be accessed and selected from during order entry.  The customer carrier information is also used when creating shipping documents (labels, bills of lading) for the order.

      Free Freight Processing.  StreamV also includes a free freight processing option that will automatically remove the freight charges for orders over a specified value.  If the option is enabled, and an order is entered that qualifies for free freight, the system will change the Viaterms on the order to prevent shipping charges from being invoiced to the customer.

Note: This section discusses only  how shipping charges and other shipping information is specified during order entry and order processing.  Please see the documentation for the Order Fulfillment system for more information about how the system calculates shipping costs, and creates  manifest and Bill of Lading records during Order Completion.


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