Import Batch Button

The Serial List, allows you to import the serial numbers of the items being processed by the calling program.  When the Import Batch Button is pressed, the system prompts you to select a file.  The file should be an ASCII file containing one serial number on each line (for the specific document line and item number being processed), with a carriage return at the end of each line.  Once a valid file is selected, the system loads the serial numbers from the file into the grid section of the Serial List.  As each serial number is imported into the program, the system validates the serial number.  If the serial number cannot be processed (it exists when it should not, or the serial number does not have the correct status or location), an error message is displayed.

AutoFill Button

The AutoFill Button allows you to specify a starting serial number for the current transaction line and have the system automatically increment the starting serial number until the correct number of serial numbers are displayed in the Serial Number List. The AutoFill Option can only be used when the Serial List is being called by the Purchase Order Receiving Program.

If any of the serial numbers in the range being created already exist in the system for the item number being processed when the AutoFill option is selected, the system will page a warning that the serial number exists and it will automatically skip over the existing numbers. This is done due to the fact that the system will only allow one instance of each serial number for each serialized inventory item