Import Serial Numbers

The Import Serial Numbers option is available from the More Menu on the Standard Toolbar.  The Import Serial Numbers option can be used to import Serial Number information from a CSV (comma separated values) ASCII file.  The Import Serial numbers option is used for items that have an on hand quantity in the system.  The option is used to import serial number detail during system conversion (to create the beginning serial records), or to handle error recovery situations (the item serial flag was set incorrectly during receiving).   The Import Serial Numbers option will validate the serial numbers being imported (they should not already exist in the system).  The Import Serial Numbers option will create a new Serial Master record for each serial number being imported, and it will also create a serial history record.  The ACII file used for the Import Serial Numbers option should be an ASCII CSV file, with the Item Number and the Serial Number to be created on each line.

When the Import Serial Numbers option is selected, the system will display the following prompt.  The information entered into the prompt will be loaded into all of the serial records being imported.  The information that can be entered into the prompt includes the Account number of the vendor the items were received from, the Tran or Register Number of the AP invoice associated with the receipt, the purchase order associated with the receipt, and the inventory location that the serial records should be created with. 

Once the appropriate information has been entered into the prompt and the OK button is pressed, the system creates status I (in stock) Serial Master records for each serial number and item number combination and it creates a serial history record to document how the serial number was created.


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