Insert AP Line Editor

When the Insert Line Button is pressed, the system displays the JE Line Editor program.  The JE Line Editor program is used to specify the general ledger accounts that the invoice amount will be distributed to.  One or more distribution lines can be created for a single accounts payable invoice.

When the JE Line Editor is first displayed, the program will load the Department field and the Taxcode fields with the information from the Header section of the Accounts Payable Invoice Entry program.  If a default AP distribution account has been specified in the vendor record, this account is also defaulted into the JE Line Editor.  The Account, Department and Taxcode information displayed in the JE Line Editor may all be changed as required for the invoice being processed.  The amount of each distribution line can also be specified in order to allow multiple distribution lines to be created for the invoice.

Once the JE Line Editor is displayed, you may select the appropriate department and account information by using the prompt buttons next to the fields to display the appropriate selection list, or by keying the correct information into the fields directly.

Once the correct department and account information are displayed, you may specify the amount of the distribution line (this amount is entered in the same currency as that used for the invoice).  You may also modify the taxcode that will be used for the distribution line and specify the project that the invoice line is associated with (if applicable).  Once you have verified the information in the distribution line, you may save the line by using the Save key or Button.


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