Insert Create Requisition

The Insert option can be used to manually create a PO Requisition in the Requisition Management program.

When the Insert option is selected in the Requisition Management program, the system activates the Catalog Lookup program.  The Catalog Lookup program displays all of the inventory items that have been created on your system and it is used to locate and select the item for which a PO requisition should be created. 

Once the Catalog Lookup program is displayed, you should locate and select the appropriate item number using any of the several different display and search sequences that are available in the program.

Once you have selected the item, the system will create a requisition for the item with a quantity of 1.  The Requisition will be created with a type of R, and using default vendor for the item (as defined in the Inventory Master record for the item).  The Currency in the PO requisition will be set to the default currency for the vendor being used, and the system will also default the Target Cost for the requisition based on the vendor, and item being used (this cost may be from the Inventory record if the PO requisition is in your local currency, or from the QVL record for the item, vendor and currency combination in the Requisition if the requisition is in a foreign currency.

Once the new PO Requisition is displayed in the Requisition Management program, you may modify it by selecting the record and using the Zoom key to access the PO Line Detail Panel.


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