Insert – Serial Number Selection List

When a serialized component or by product is selected in the Shop Line Serial Number Linker program and the Insert option is selected, the program first checks to see if any serial numbers are still needed for the selected component or by product and top level serial number combination. 

If enough serial numbers have already been specified for the component or by product, the program will display a “No more needed” message to notify you that the serial numbers for the item have been entered already. 

If the selected item is a component and serial numbers are still required for the selected component, the program will display the Serial Number Selection list.  The Serial Number Selection list is used to display the in stock serial records for the selected component and to identify the serial number(s) being used in the selected top level serialized item.  When the program is activated, it will display the

When you press the Insert Key in the Shop Line Serial Number Linker program, the system displays the Serial Number Selection List and it loads the list with the available or status I (in stock) serial numbers for the selected component.  Once the Serial Number Selection list is displayed, you may select the appropriate component serial number from the list by highlighting the appropriate record and by pressing the Enter Key, or by pressing the Select Button. 


Delete - Remove/Unlink Serial Number