Interfacility Transfers

The IFT or Inter-facility transfer system is used to restock or replenish one of your warehouse locations from the stock that is available in another of your warehouse locations.  The IFT system is used only for stocking items, and it is used only when you wish to replenish one inventory location using the on hand quantity from another warehouse location.  The "IFT" system is used to process inventory transfers between warehouse locations which are maintained on a single StreamV system, but which are physically separated from each other.  The IFT system handles this type of inventory transfer in an efficient manner that is integrated with the other StreamV applications and processes including order entry, inventory allocation, purchasing, invoicing and shipping.

Methods used to Transfer Inventory

An inventory transfer is the process of moving on hand inventory quantities from one inventory location to another.  An inventory transfer can be processed within a single warehouse or facility which is split into multiple logical inventory locations, or a transfer can be processed between two different facilities which are physically separated from each other.

A transfer of inventory between two logical warehouses located in the same facility is called an Intra-Facility transfer.  Intra-Facility transfers are processed in StreamV and in StreamII using the Inventory Transfer program.

A transfer of inventory between two warehouse facilities that are physically separated from each other is called an Inter-Facility transfer and this type of transfer is processed using the IFT or Inter-Facility Transfer system.

      Inventory Transfer Program - Transfers between inventory locations in a single warehouse or facility are processed using the Inventory Transfer program.  This program allows the operator to select the source and destination inventory locations to be used for the transfer and to enter the item numbers and quantities that are being moved between the locations.  As each transfer is processed, the system immediately updates the on hand quantity of each item processed in both the source and destination locations and it writes records to the Inventory Activity file to record the transactions.  The Inventory Transfer program and the procedures to be followed when using this program are described in the documentation for the Warehouse Management System.

      Inter-Facility Transfer System - The IFT System is designed for companies with multiple warehouses that are physically separated from each other.  These companies need the ability to easily and efficiently transfer inventory between facilities.  These companies also need to the ability to track the goods being transferred while they are in transit and to control when the amounts being transferred are received into the system.  This is important because the system uses inventory on hand quantities for allocation and for other processes and there may be a substantial amount of time between the shipment of the goods out of the source warehouse and the subsequent receipt of the goods in the destination warehouse. 


Processing Overview - Inter-Facility Transfers

Inter-Facility Inventory Transfer Issues