Processing Overview Inter-Facility Transfers

The IFT System is designed for companies with multiple warehouses that are physically separated from each other.  These companies need the ability to easily and efficiently transfer inventory between facilities.  These companies also need to the ability to track the goods being transferred while they are in transit and to control when the amounts being transferred are received into the system.  This is important because the system uses inventory on hand quantities for purchasing and other processes, and there may be a substantial amount of time between the shipment of the goods out of the source warehouse and the subsequent receipt of the goods in the destination warehouse. 

STREAM V treats an Inter-Facility transfer as a special type of sales order from the shipping facilities point of view (a "shipper"), and as a purchase order from the receiving facilities point of view. 


Inter-Facility Transfers - PO Creation

Inter-Facility Transfers - Sales Order Creation

Inter-Facility Transfers - Receiving