Inventory Default Cost

One of the primary pieces of data used by the Target Price Calculation is the Inventory Master record for the item being ordered.  Each Inventory Item in the system stores several different cost fields.  Some of these cost fields are automatically updated by the system as transactions are processed for the item and some of the cost fields are manually updated as required.

The StreamV Purchasing system allows you to define an inventory default cost that is used by the Purchasing System when it is calculating the target cost for the purchase order or requisition line that is being placed.  This inventory default cost is based on a system parameter called PODEFCST and the valid values for this parameter are listed below.




Inventory Last PO Cost


Inventory Last Cost


Inventory Unit or Average Weighted Cost.  This cost is the cost used by the system for accounting purposes and it is automatically calculated when an item is received into inventory or built using the shop order system.  The field can also be manually specified as required using the Average Cost Adjustment program.


Inventory Standard Cost


Inventory Next Cost