QVL File

The QVL File (Qualified Vendor List) is used to store vendor specific purchasing information for an item.  QVL records can be used to store both local and foreign currency purchasing information. 

The system checks the QVL file (Qualified Vendor List) for a record with the same vendor, location, and item number as that being used on the purchase order or requisition line being created.  The QVL file can be used to store multiple pricing records for each item in the system and these pricing records can contain different vendors, prices and or currencies that can be used when purchasing the item.  If the system finds a record in the QVL file based on the vendor, inventory location and inventory item number being processed, the QVL price and currency are moved back into the purchase order or requisition line.  QVL is also moved into the price source field of the record to indicate that the price for the line was obtained from the QVL system.