Invoice Info Tab Page

The Invoice Info Tab Page is used to select and display the invoice that is being processed in the AR Invoice Adjustment Program.  You must select a valid invoice record before you can enter information into the other fields in the Invoice Adjustment program.

The Invoice Info Tab page consists of a prompt button that is used to select the invoice to be processed in the program, a Zoom button, that can be used to view detailed information about the selected invoice, and several different windows that display the current information from the invoice record. 

When you press the prompt button in the Inv No field of the Invoice Info Tab Page, the system activates the Invoices Selection List, which allows you to select the invoice number to be adjusted.

Once you have selected a valid invoice, the system loads the windows in the Tab page with information about the selected invoice and customer.

The information displayed in the windows includes the invoice Company, City, State, and and Phone Number.  This information is displayed from the Company file.

The Invoice Info Tab page also displays information for the selected invoice which includes the original charges (original invoice balance), the invoice payment and adjustment totals, the current balance of the invoice, the invoice currency and the invoice type.

The Tab Page also contains a Zoom Button that can be used to display additional details for the selected invoice.

Inv No:  The invoice number to be adjusted.  The Prompt button next to this field will activate the Invoices Lookup program, which can be used to select the invoice to be processed.  Pressing Clear in this field will clear the current invoice so another invoice can be loaded.

Zoom Button:  The Zoom button is used to display detailed information about the invoice number specified in the Inv No field.  When the Zoom button is pressed, the system displays the Invoice Header Detail Panel and it loads the panel with the information for the selected invoice.


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