Invoicing/Order Completion

Once stocking items have been allocated to a sales order and any holds on the order have been released, the order may be completed. 

Sales Orders for warehouse fulfillment order lines and special order lines are completed by producing a pick list for the items to be shipped and invoicing these items to the customer in the Invoicing Order Completion program. 

As each sales order is completed, the system updates the on-hand, reserved, total reserved and allocated quantities for each item being processed and it creates inventory activity records to document the transaction.

As mentioned in the previous section, Vendor Shipment purchase order lines are not received.  Vendor Shipment purchase order lines are shipped directly to the customer by the vendor and these PO lines are closed by invoicing the customer for the goods shipped from the vendor.  This is done from the Purchase Order Lookup program in StreamV.  As the items and quantities shipped by the vendor are identified and the Invoice Vendor Shipment option is used, the system creates an invoice to the customer for the goods.  The system also writes an inventory transaction for the vendor shipment that is treated as a simultaneous receipt and shipment.  This is done to record the transaction and to post the value of the goods to Unvouchered Inventory.  The system also closes out the appropriate PO line and sales order line quantities, and it moves the cost of each item (from the PO) to the invoice lines being created so this cost can be used to post the invoice to the general ledger.  The average cost of the item being invoiced is not updated when a vendor shipment is processed.  Inventory on hand quantities are also not updated by the vendor shipment process as the transaction does not change them.