Shop Order Processing

Once stocking items have been allocated to shop order lines, a pull ticket is produced to identify the items that are allocated and that should be moved into work in process.  As the pull ticket is processed, the system updates the on hand, reserved, total reserved and allocated quantities of the items being processed and it updates the pulled quantity in each shop order line.  Inventory Activity records are also created to document the movement of the items from inventory to work in process.  Once the items from the shop order lines have been moved into work in process, they are converted (built) into the top level item specified in the shop order.  Once all required components have been pulled and assembled, the shop order can be completed.  As each shop order is completed, the component parts are removed from WIP and the top level item is returned to inventory and allocated to any waiting sales orders.  Activity records are written to record the transaction.

Please Note:  Shop Order Components are ordered using the warehouse replenishment method (i.e. demand for components is based only on the inventory item quantities and the reorder information entered into the system for the item).  You may not flag a shop order line as a special order or a vendor shipment.  These replenishment or fulfillment methods apply to sales orders only.