Item/Price Tab Page

Item Identification Section

The Item/Price Tab Page is used to select the item to be added to the invoice or to display the item for an existing invoice line.  The Item Price Tab Page allows you to find the Item to be added to an invoice in several different ways.  You may

      Type the Item Number, Manufacturers Items Number or Item Description (or a portion of the information) and use the FIND keys to locate the item

      Use the Prompt Buttons that are located next to the Item#, and Manu# windows to activate the Order Entry Catalog Lookup program, which can be used to Find and Select the Item.

      Use the CrossRef Button to select the item based on a Customer or Customer Buying Group Cross Reference Item record.

      Find the Item using the Keyword Search option (this is not enabled yet).

Quantity/Price Section

Once you have selected an Item in the Item/Price Tab Page and enter the quantity for the invoice (it must be positive), the system will default the Price for the Invoice Line item based on the customer, item and special pricing information in your system.  You may also edit the price as required.

The Contract Field is used to store the special pricing Contract Information associated with the invoice line and it will be loaded automatically if a special price is selected.

Pick List Window Section

As you enter the quantity, the system will also reserve the appropriate quantity of inventory and create a Pick record to relieve the Bin for the item when the invoice is saved.  The Pick record is displayed in a list in the lower right section of the Tab Page.


Misceallaneous Tab Page