Manual PO Creation.

This section describes the Buyer Logic that is used by the system when a Purchase Order is manually entered using the PO Entry Program.

When a Manual PO is being entered into the StreamV System, the Buyer Code from the Vendor record selected for the PO is defaulted into the Purchase Order Header.  If the Buyer field in the Vendor record is not loaded, the system does not load a buyer into the program and it must be manually entered or selected from the Buyer Table that can be accessed from in the program. You may not save a purchase order line item until you have specified a valid buyer code in the program.   

The logic in manual PO entry is that the person who is placing the PO Manually is either the buyer for the item or can select the appropriate code from the list.  The fact that the PO is being placed manually causes the system to skip the buyer selection logic used for requisitions.


PO Pricing Logic