PO Buyer Assignment

This section describes the Buyer Logic that is used by the Purchasing System when assigning the Buyer code to each Purchase Order Header and Line Item record during Purchase Order and Requisition creation.

The StreamV Purchasing System allows you to set up multiple Buyer Codes in a Buyer Table.  These codes can be used to split up purchasing duties between several operators, and to identify who is responsible for purchasing an item when the item needs to be ordered or re-ordered from one of your vendors. 

The StreamV Purchasing system is also designed to automate the creation of PO Requisitions and to automatically route these requisitions to the appropriate buyers.  As requisitions are created by the system for stocking, special order and vendor shipment items, the appropriate buyer code is written to each requisition line to identify the person responsible for purchasing the items.

The Requisition Management program can be filtered by buyer and it also allows one buyer to handle the requisitions for multiple buyer codes.  This allows a single buyer to focus on the items that they need to re-order, or for one buyer to process requisitions for another buyer (to handle situations where a person is out of the office and their purchasing duties need to be handled by another user).

Buyer codes can be used when running purchasing reports and the default buyer for each item is written to each requisition and purchase order record created by the purchasing system.  Requisitions can also be sorted by buyer in the Requisition Management program.  This allows multiple operators to process purchasing transactions independently in the program at the same time.

NOTE: The current release of the software requires that all buyers assigned to inventory items exist in the Salesman Table (File 39).  It also requires that each buyer exist in the Operator Table (File 249) and that the Buyer and Operator ID in these tables are the same.  The email address to be used for the purchasing alert will be the email address specified for the Buyer/Operator in the Operator Table.  A carbon copy of each Purchasing Alert Email will also be sent to the email address specified in F248: POADMIN

The Buyer for an item can be defined at several different levels in the system.  The Buyer for a purchase order line or requisition can be based on the following pieces of information.

      The Buyer from the Customer record used for the sales order that the requisition is created for.  This option is only valid for PO requisition lines for vendor shipment or special order sales order lines, as these lines are associated with a specific sales order and customer.

      The Buyer from the Inventory Master record in the location in which the requisition is being placed.

      The Buyer specified in the Product Line that the item is assigned to in the Inventory Master file.

      The Buyer specified in the Manufacturer record for the manufacturer that is assigned as the default manufacturer for the item in the Inventory Master file).

      The Buyer specified in the Vendor record for the vendor that is assigned as the default vendor for the item (in the Inventory Master file).

The system is designed to use the buyer that is defined at the lowest level in the system (the most specific buyer) , and the buyer that is used in each circumstance depends on what type of requisition or PO line is being processed, and where (at what level) you have specified buyer information on your system.

The Buyer Logic used during Manual PO Entry and during automated Requisition Creation are different and they are described in the following sections. 


PO Requisition Creation

Manual PO Creation.