Menu Management

The Menu Management Program is used to create and maintain the records that are used by the StreamV or VDF (visual dataflex) menu system. 

The StreamV menu system uses records that are stored in the LONGCODE file (File 18) to display the various StreamV applications and the program options that are available in each of the StreamV applications or modules.

The Menu records in the Longcode file are used only by the StreamV or windows application.  The menu records that are used by the Character version of Stream are stored in the menu file (File 49) and they are not shared with the windows application.

The StreamV Menu system allows you to set menu security, but this option is not normally used due to the fact that the menu records are overwritten when system updates are performed in order to make new options available as they are released.

When the Menu Management program is activated, the system displays the Main Modules or top level menus that have been defined on your system, and the menu position being used for each module.

The standard main menu for StreamV includes options for each module or main application in the system, such as General Ledger, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable, etc).

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Menu Record Format