Move Invoice to Pending

The Move Invoice to Pending option is an advanced option that can be used to convert an invoice document to a shipper document.  When the Move Invoice to Pending option is used,

      The selected invoice is credited.  The items from the original invoice are put back into stock at this point.

      The new credit and the original invoice are applied against each other.  

      A Loaner Sales Order is created for the items on the invoice and the Loaner order is automatically completed.  This moves the items from the selected Invoice into the Pending file.  The Pending records for the invoice are created as Type R records, and they can be viewed and processed in the Loaner Management program.

Your ability to move an invoice to Pending is controlled by a system parameter F248:ARINVMVP.  If this parameter is set to Y, you may move an invoice to Pending..  If the parameter is set to N or it is blank or missing, you may not move an invoice to Pending.

The Move Invoice to Pending option may only be used for type OI,DI and IN invoices, and it may only be used on invoices with a positive charges amount (you may not process a credit memo).

You may also not move an Invoice to Pending if the invoice has been adjusted or paid already.  The invoice balance must be equal to the original balance of the invoice, or the invoice may not be processed.


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